Little boy brings home adorable fawn he befriended while playing outside

Interessante Gerüchte

After her lone 4-year-old kid appeared in front of the door with his new buddy — a wild deer – a mother received an unexpected surprise.

When the woman opened the door and saw the unusual couple, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Furthermore, the wild animal appeared to enjoy the boy’s company as if they had known each other for a long time!

Stephanie Brown and her family were set to return home to Ragged Point Beach after spending a few days at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia.

Her son Dominic, however, went outside to play while they were in the room packing stuff. However, Stephanie was taken aback when she saw the four-year-old child in the presence of a deer, just in front of her house.

„I was taken aback. ‚No way,‘ I thought. „My mind is playing tricks on me,“ the woman explained to ABC NEWS. „It wasn’t like anything out of the ordinary for him; it was bizarre.“ They were just on the same page.“

Stephanie found the time to take her iPhone and snap a few photos with the two cute buddies, even though she assumed she was dreaming.

She even posted the photo to Facebook, where it quickly went viral, with many falling in love with the unusual couple.

In any case, no one could figure out why the deer seemed so at ease in the presence of her human companion.

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