This little cute puppy had to live chained to a tree for long seven years and had to eat from the ground


It’s so painful to know how helpless and defenseless the little sweet pups are when they are in the hands of uncaring hands.

This cute and unique puppy named Luna unfortunately was in the hands of an uncaring owner who didn’t show any signs of love and compassion to his puppy.

Years passed, and the little sweet puppy chained to a tree had to suffer for seven long years.

The sweet puppy had to pass through lots of difficulties.

Puppy was helpless and didn’t know what to do. The owner didn’t even properly feed him.

Luckily Dar rescue team came to save the poor pup’s life and they did their best to be as helpful as possible.

Luna has never felt love and care from others. Soon he understood that the rescuers are there to offer their help.

People at Dar bathed her and gave her a hoodie that kept her warm.

She couldn’t imagine that finally she is safe and loved. It was a beginning of something truly wonderful.

Luna now feels loved and protected and has all the wonderful things she deserves!

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