Lovable rescue: stuck in the mud and exhausted, this dog joins his family thanks to a team of police officers

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Alerted to a dog trapped in the muddy part of a stream, police officers quickly intervened to rescue him. After a call to find its owners, the animal finally joined its family.

Police rescued a dog stuck in mud, then the canine was returned to its owners, reported People.

The rescue took place on Wednesday, March 23.

That morning, the police department of Palm Bay, a city on the east coast of Florida, was contacted by a citizen who saw the animal in distress.

It was also on the police’s Facebook page that the intervention was reported.

The dog in question, a Golden Retriever, had become trapped in the mud near the edge of a canal.

Officer Carrol, dog handler, and his colleague arrived on the scene. The first advanced cautiously into the water until it reached the location of the quadruped.

He then tied a leash around his neck and stroked him to reassure him, before taking him in his arms to bring him back to dry land. The water was cold.

No one knew how long the dog, who had no collar or tag to identify him, had been there. He was soaked and exhausted.

“The dog is at home”

The police dried him off and gave him water to drink.

They requested assistance from the Breward County Sheriff’s Office Animal Service in the care and identification of the Golden Retriever.

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