Love for life: they were married for 71 years and died the same day

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These days, relationships often begin and terminate quickly. It would appear that „love for life“ is an antiquated literary and cinematic invention that has nothing to do with reality.

Frances worked at the White Way Cafe in Waynesboro, according to Herbert DeLeigl.

„I kept watching her as she came and went until I eventually mustered the confidence to ask her out. After seeing a movie together, a year later Herbert proposed to her.

Together with her husband, who fought in the military during World War II, Marilyn DeLeigl lived in Germany for six years.

In addition to serving in Korea and Vietnam, Herbert DeLeigl served in the military for 22 years before retiring.

Six children, 16 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren were born into the marriage.

A memorial service for the spouses was held on Monday. According to experts, passing away soon after a loved one passes away is not all that unusual, and the so-called „broken heart syndrome“ is the focus of all the attention.

“ The condition known as broken heart syndrome is really real.

When someone receives significant news, a large amount of stress hormones are released.

According to psychiatrist Matthew Lorber, they enter the bloodstream and attack the heart in large numbers.

This may result in a heart attack because of the sudden weakening of the heart.

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