Love story written by destiny: childhood sweethearts got married after 22 years of separation

Interessante Gerüchte

Now the British Helen and Graham are 41 and 42 years old, and they recently got married.

These guys fell in love with each other at school when they were 15-year-old. But after some time they were forced to break up because of their parents.

However, life is a very unpredictable thing. And sometimes it brings two people together for a reason.

Helen Marshall and Graham Richardson met at school as 15-year-olds. They were in love with each other and started dating.

After nine months of dating and school discos, young Graham proposed to Helen.

The parents were worried that they were too young and insisted that the guy go to college.

Because of these disagreements, Graham left to study. They lived in different cities and wrote letters to each other, but at some point their communication stopped due to the difficulties of distance.

After that, each of them had a long-term relationship and even had children.

Helen was married for 16 years and Graham for 17. But when both broke up with their partners, Helen happened to see Graham in town and later decided to write to him.

It turned out that all this time after their separation, they both missed each other, and saw each other briefly when they took the children to school.

After the correspondence, the feelings of the lovers flared up again. And after a couple of months, Graham proposed to Helen – giving her the same ring with which he knelt in front of her when they were 15.

41-year-old Helen and 42-year-old Graham got married, and held a small party.

Now they live happily on the family farm, where Graham used to live.

“Helen is my soulmate. I’m an introvert, she’s an extrovert, I feel at home with her. We are truly soul mates, and I’m happy to share our beautiful love story,” says Graham.

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