Love without conditions: the story of an unusual and special couple that made a fuss on the Internet

Interessante Gerüchte

The story of a romantic relationship of the couple from Pennsylvania excited the entire Internet.

Someone welcomes an unusual couple and wishes them happiness.

But there are also numerous people who call their relationship simply terrible. Since the young man has spinal muscular atrophy, and his beloved is absolutely healthy.

Despite attacks from followers, Pennsylvanians and even neighbors, 26-year-old Shane Bercow and 25-year-old Hannah Aylward have maintained a strong relationship for four years.

Shane cannot walk, his body proportions are distorted, and his muscles are atrophied. When he was two years old, the wheelchair became his faithful companion.

As he grew older, the young man began to realize that most people with disabilities remain lonely and cannot count on a personal life.

But Bercow was lucky: a documentary with his participation was released, which was watched by a huge number of people. Hannah was one of them.

Shane impressed her with an unusual outlook on life, charisma and a cheerful disposition. She wanted to get to know this man.

The acquaintance went very well, and a wonderful attraction arose between them. At first, they maintained an active correspondence, called up.

Then, fascinated by a new acquaintance, Bercow invited her to visit. The beauty was with the guy for four days.

His delight knew no bounds, and their relationship grew into real love. Two hearts have already become family, but the period of relationship away from each other lasted quite a long time.

Only in 2018, young people decided to live together and rented housing in one of the districts of Minneapolis.

The fact is that Hannah went to college and was going to finish her course of study, despite the pleasant changes in her life.

Hannah and Shane began making videos of how they spend time together: traveling, walking, hugging and kissing.

Of course, the young woman helps her life partner cope with everyday difficulties.

While traveling together, the couple stays in hotels and, according to Shane, hotel guests and just curious people make unflattering comments about them.

However, for Hannah, her beloved person is her one and only.

They laugh, sincerely enjoy life and make plans for the future. They dream of the birth of their common baby: it will be the fruit of true love, which has overcome difficult trials.

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