Lovely footage shows Husky dad playing with his puppies for the first time


In the animal world, it is uncommon to witness both parents caring for their children, but there are a few exceptions, and it is always endearing to see a father spending time with his children.

The result is nothing short of adorable, whether it’s a curious lion father, a very caring father swan, or the playful Husky in the video below!

A woman captured the moment her Husky met his puppies for the first time on tape in a beautiful scene.

Dash, the proud father of nine lovely (and rambunctious) puppies, is going to meet and play with his children for the first time.

Felisha, the owner, decided to seize the opportunity and record it on camera.

The adorable puppies have spent all of their time with their mother, Kitana, since they were born.

However, the now 6-week-old fluffy balls have had the opportunity to spend time with their adoring father, and everyone appears to be in high spirits!

Of course, it takes some time for Dash to adjust to the boisterous pups, so Felisha needs to step in to remind him to be gentle, but once he does, things fall into place easily, with the pups and their father having a great time.

Dash is crouching on the floor, loving his precious pups. Kitana and Felisha, on the other hand, keep an eye on things and encourage Dash to ‚be kind.‘

The woman commented on YouTube, „Siberian Husky dad Dash playing with his 9 husky puppies for the first time at 6 weeks.“ „Kitana had her first and only litter.“

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