Mae an elderly cat met a kind soul who gave her a second chance at life: they are unbreakable

Interessante Gerüchte

Senior cats at the shelter have a hard time finding owners. The cats are left behind after seven years in favor of younger animals.

Sam offered to adopt a cat that was at risk of ending up in a box for the second time.

Sam is a man who only wants to take in those who are in need. A 16-year-old stray cat is named Mae.

She has had a loving owner her entire life. Sadly, he was just put in an EHPAD leaving the cat without a home and an owner.

Except for a wonderful man named Sam who wanted to be there for her, the volunteers thought she would spend the rest of her life in a box.

After just three weeks, the asylum’s dean ran across his donor, who gave him a cozy place to live out his golden years.

It was a relief to the charity’s members that she had soon moved on to a life filled with exciting new experiences.

The modification went pretty smoothly. She quickly makes the acquaintance of Geppetto, a cat with a troubled background.

The three-legged cat was saved in 2021 as part of a massive rescue effort that also managed to save 110 other animals from a filthy Savoie home.

The poor animals had to dwell among their siblings‘ remains and waste.

The two sidekicks spend a lot of time resting while keeping an eye on the neighborhood from the security of their apartment balcony.

They are true gossip dogs, Sam quips.

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