Man saves family of deer stranded on frozen lake in Ontario: an incredible shot

Interessante Gerüchte

Ryan Peterson, a skating aficionado, was overjoyed by the chilly weather in Canada. But for three hapless deer stuck on a frozen lake, what appears to be total delight for him turns out to be a terrible nightmare.

Fortunately, Ryan is not only a skilled skater, but also a great animal lover, and he stepped in to save the wild animals. The incident was captured on film and went popular after being posted on the internet!

Ryan threw on his stakes and went ice skating on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, during his lunch hour. However, as soon as he arrived, he spotted three deer trying to stay upright.

The lake wasn’t totally frozen, and the thin ice could have broken at any time, endangering the hapless creatures. Because he was aware of the risk, the good man understood he had to act quickly.

Because any vehicle rescue was difficult owing to the thin ice, Ryan realized that the only way to get the deer onto dry land would be with a rope, so he ran back to work, grabbed one, and returned for the rescue.

„I returned to work and got some rope.“ „Skating was the only choice because the ice was still too thin for any kind of vehicle,“ the Good Samaritan explained. „When I arrived, they were still in the same spot.“

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