Man shares gentle way he wakes up his deaf and blind dog without scaring her: the best day start


While watching the news or scrolling through social media hasn’t been very uplifting, here’s a reminder that animal videos are always wonderful. Especially when it depicts a dog owner gently waking up his blind and deaf puppy!

Plum – a gorgeous little Australian Shepherd – was considered as a burden by her previous owner due to her particular condition, and the cute dog finally found herself in a shelter.

Furthermore, following a failed adoption attempt, the blind and deaf puppy was given no opportunity since no one seemed to be ready to help her.

However, things changed for the better after a while when Plum met the guy who was going to transform her life forever.

„I received Plum in July of 2019.“ Aiden told Bored Panda, „She was 6 months old and simply the cutest pooch.“

„My coworkers work with a lot of rescues, and they were fostering her and her brother while I was looking for homes for them.“ When she brought Plum to work, I fell in love with her and wanted her.“

Even yet, Aiden was aware that adopting a special needs dog would need a great deal of patience and attention.

But he also realized that he loved animals with all of his heart, and that would be more important than anything else.

Since day one, the two have been quite close, and Aiden knew that despite the Plum situation, they would soon become great friends.

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