Man stranded in ocean survives after being found floating in a freezer for 11 days

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Before being saved, a guy from Brazil who was survived in a cooler ocean for 11 days. He didn’t eat and drink.

According to Romualdo who gave an interview, while he was out fishing off.

He noticed the floating get cooler as it descended and jumped in.

„I needed help badly. I believed my death was near. But I’m grateful that God gave me one more opportunity“, he explained.

He claimed he was without a meal. At that time, he flamed in the blue , wonderful ocean.

The ocean was surrounded by huge sharks.

However, a team of the fishermen discovered Rodrigues on Suriname coast after 11 days, his capsized ship.

He received care in a hospital. I needed money badly. I believed that this was it.

„But thank God, I received another shot,“ he mentioned to Record TV.

I experienced a rebirth. I had assumed that I wouldn’t be sharing this tale now, but I’m back,“ he stated.

God saved my life. The freezer was the only thing I had. A wonder occurred.

Rodrigues was arrested, but he is now at home with his lovely, beautiful family in Brazil.

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