The kindest story ever: the man takes off his shirt in order to keep the freezing stray dog warm 

Interessante Gerüchte

Very often when we see some small acts of kindness and care, it arises so many beautiful emotions in us.

This cute and heartwarming story of a man who helpless the helpless poor puppy by taking off his shirt became famous and admired everyone.

This story became very popular on social media and attracted millions of people.

The man named Felipe was in a subway station in Brazil with his brother Gabriel when he noticed a sweet freezing stray dog there next to a wall.

Gabriel was getting his tickets, when his brother did something truly heroic that later became an Internet sensation.

His act of kindness became a model for many people.

The young man decided to approach the dog who was freezing, took his shirt off and gave it to the dog.

“ The cutest part of it is seeing how he takes his jacket and sweatshirt and puts on the puppy. That was something so admiring and sweet“.

Felipe was sad that he couldn’t help the poor puppy more but anyway he did his best!

After some time they both came back to the same spot in hopes of adopting the dog but soon they realized that he’s no longer there.

You can change the world just with your kind actions!

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