Margot Robbie meets a deaf fan and is so excited to talk to him in sign language

Interessante Gerüchte

In its extraordinary box office success, Barbie is winning hearts thanks to Margot Robbie.

The actress once again proves to be a „super Barbie“ and recently moved people with a touching gesture towards a fan.

The video, filmed at last year’s Amsterdam premiere in London, went viral a few days ago. It shows a man handing Robbie a sheet with a reminder in sign language.

With a smile, the actress asks, „For me?“ Before anyone responds, she says, „I already know!“

Margot Robbie, not known for sign language, surprises by showing the alphabet.

After the reminder, she signs with the fan, hands over the luggage to an assistant, and takes a selfie.

The video has become a sensation on social media, adored by fans. „As if there needed to be anything else to love her!“ a fan writes. The gesture of communicating in signs has touched many.

Another user says, „She freed her hands and communicated to make him feel seen. She’s precious.“

Barbie debuts on July 21, in conjunction with Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

The film succeeds thanks to its self-reflective narrative and cultural references.

The first doll of its kind challenges stereotypes, embodying elegance and encouraging expression.

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