Maternal prowess: For the sake of her daughter a woman had to pretend to be a man for 40 years

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In Egypt forty years ago, women were not employed, therefore Sisy made the decision to look like a male to make a life.

She was required to work many jobs. She first obtained employment lugging bricks and mixing concrete on a building site before going on to gather crops in the fields.

She is currently working at the station washing shoes. He makes about ten pounds a day, which is still less than one dollar. The woman was also able to construct her own home.

The young woman was invited to the international modeling firm IMG Models when she was 12 and later got a contract there.

The granddaughter of Sisa was constantly in the care of her grandma.

Dauch still walks in men’s clothes despite the fact that pretending to be a guy today is no longer practical.

Sisy received the „perfect motherhood“ award from the Egyptian government in 2015.

Sisy was able to obtain a license and work in her own booth as a result of her media success and the assistance of journalists.

The 69-year-old heroine still puts in a lot of effort for her family’s benefit despite the celebrity she has attained.

Everything is possible in this life.

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