Meet the 25 years old man who has stopped growing and is worshiped as a god by villagers

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Singh resides in the Ramditt Wala village in the Mansa region of northern India. Manpreet Singh is a unique Indian individual.

The man appears to be no older than six months, but that is untrue.

Manprit Singh, who is already 25 years old, had an unique and mysterious condition that caused him to stop growing and maturing after six months.

The man’s height is only 60 cm, and his current weight is 7 kg.

Furthermore, these statistics diverge significantly from the typical growth and development of an adult’s physique.

Manpritu Singh, however, is revered as a god by the villagers in his current hamlet, who visit him daily to bow and seek his blessings.

Manpreet Singh’s parents never even had a fraction of what they would have needed to pay for his expensive medical education because their family doesn’t have much money.

The parents of the unusual youngster believe that by sharing the tale of their son, the media would inform people everywhere about Manpreet Singh’s issues.

The man’s younger brother and sister don’t experience issues like these.

His parents claim that up to the age of six months, he was in good condition, but something unexpected happened after that.

The unusual child’s condition is a rare thyroid gland issue, according to doctors who have seen it.

Similar cases have been seen in medicine before, although they are uncommon.

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