An interesting story: the mini cow that is rejected by his herd befriends the pack of dogs


Our wonderful story is about a friendship between the cow and a pack of dogs.

You may think these animals shouldn’t have anything common, but that’s not the case in our story.

Haru is a sweet mini cow who was not accepted by his herd as it was smaller than the other cows.

Haru was rejected by its pack but loved by the new group of friends that unexpectedly arrived at the farm.

It’s so wonderful and surprising to see how Haru got along so easily with the dogs.

Haru was a bit bigger than most of his friends.

It’s right to note that when it comes to friendship size and the breed doesn’t matter.

The sweetest part of it is that he even lowers his head to get kisses from his new best friends.

Haru gets along perfectly with all the foster dogs.

One of his best friend’s name is Ashla and she simply adored him from the first minutes.

They both are always excited and happy to see each other.

Such a sweet and unique story!

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