Minus 200 kilograms and she is unrecognizable: now this girl is almost 4 times smaller

Interessante Gerüchte

You know, it frequently happens that someone constantly bemoans their weight while doing nothing to lose it except for lounging on the couch and munching on sandwiches.

This is just what happened to Nikki Webster, our heroine of the day.

The youngster claims that she has always enjoyed eating heartily and has never been hesitant to ask for more food.

She became „hooked“ on sweets as a way to cope with her stress when she started experiencing issues with her schoolmates.

However, the girl’s parents thought that this was only a short-term situation and that as she grew older, her hormonal backdrop would alter, and everything would return to normal.

But it didn’t go like that. Nikki’s weight has risen to approximately 300 kg at the age of 34.

The child was given the option of having surgery to decrease her stomach, but she would first need to lose at least 20 kg.

It took precisely three months. After the surgery, Nikki was extremely concerned that her dietary desires would persist and cause her to regain the weight she had lost.

However, with the help of psychologists, she was able to lose 100 kilos by controlling her eating habits and linking exercise.

Nikki Webster is no longer recognizable. She now carries 90 kg. However, she eats healthily and pushes herself to the absolute limit in the gym.

Nikki is happily married and has many aspirations for the future.

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