Missing person reunited with family on Christmas Day through social media post

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Siobhan Foran noticed a homeless man in Manchester on Christmas Eve.

The 32-year-old mother of three made the decision to assist and posted a request on her social media page for anyone who wishes to donate clothing to the less fortunate.

The man’s niece got in touch with her the next day, telling her that her uncle Declan had dementia and had vanished two years previously.

The man simply wished onlookers a Merry Christmas rather than requesting money. He appeared ill and cold.

I posted a message on Facebook asking for donations to provide her warm clothing, and many people responded, recalls Siobhan.

„He appeared bewildered and had no idea what time of day it was. He claimed to have a girl in Oldham that he wanted to locate and clean up.

Although many people believe there is little that can be done to assist the homeless, even one individual can make a difference.

The next day, Declan’s niece got in touch with the woman.

The family had been seeking for him for so long and weren’t even aware he was living on the streets when the niece revealed that her uncle had dementia.

Declan was informed of the good news when Siobhan went looking for him. On Christmas Day, the man was reunited with his family.

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