Model’s unusual history with down syndrome Kennedy Garcia: she is very beautiful

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Thankfully, the days when it was difficult for persons with intellectual disabilities or illnesses to understand who they were are behind us. Now, even in the modeling industry, someone with an uncommon appearance can find some success.

Kennedy Garcia is one of the few persons with Down syndrome who can do great things while having this condition; she was born with it.

The young woman was born into a big family. She is one of four siblings. Kennedy has struggled with his health since he was a little child.

She used metal braces starting at age 2, which helped to correct her spine.

The girl spent a lot of time watching dance when she was at home.

Kennedy tried to put herself in the dancers‘ shoes.

She had dreams of moving gracefully and exquisitely.

The young woman untied all the bonds and then enrolled right away in dance instruction.

Success was all he would encounter after that. Kennedy started taking part in the event, and they even started asking her to be a model for the shoots.

She now competes in dancing competitions and models for companies. Who would have imagined that a typical girl with such a condition would be successful?

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