More motivating transformation: the girl who weighed 300 kg lost 200 kg and turned into a real beauty

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When she was 28 and weighed 300 kg, Amber Rushdie had to leave college and was forced to drop out. Because she was unable to execute simple everyday tasks any longer.

Amber rarely left the house and was unable to take a shower by herself.

Only Rudy, her lover at the time, had faith in Amber. Furthermore, her friends believed she had no hope of living a regular life.

After the examination, doctors warned Amber that if she keeps living this way, she might pass away at the age of 30.

Rushdie turned to the well-known program „I weigh 300 kg,“ where people are assisted in fighting obesity, as a result.

She received nutrition assistance there, where she also had surgery to decrease her stomach.

Amber was able to lose the extra 65 kg a year after the surgery. But afterward, drooping skin became a new issue. So, a new procedure was required.

The girl kept up her healthy lifestyle and continued to gradually reduce weight after the surgery.

She soon finished college, lost almost 200 kilos, and obtained a job she enjoyed as a result.

However, her partner left her because he was unable to accept the reality that Amber no longer need daily care and attention. He also couldn’t stand men competing with him.

This young lady demonstrated to each of us that everything is within our control and that we should always try to improve our lives.

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