Mother and son join hands and blow up the internet with a stunning dance in the kitchen late at night

Interessante Gerüchte

Lucy, an ordinary mother from Louisiana, loved to listen to the radio. And also to dance, so every time her favorite song was broadcast on the radio, she immediately grabbed her little son and started dancing with him all over the kitchen. At any time of the day or night.

Since then, Lance has managed to grow up, and he himself already has children.

One day, his mother couldn’t sleep at night. And when she heard her favorite Megan Trainor song on the radio, she immediately grabbed her son by the hand – and in a second they were already circling around the kitchen in a dance well known to both.

The dance group, consisting of mother and son, has already taken its original position.

The radio plays Megan Trainor’s Dear Future Husband. Hearing the familiar rhythm, mother and son start an unrestrained dance – it is obvious that they have performed it many times already.

It’s understandable why this video is going viral. Not every day you can see how a mother and son dance happily with each other – so accurately and at such a high level.

Lucy turns to the camera in the middle of the song and says, “This is what happens when people in Louisiana can’t sleep!”

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