Mountaineers meet a family who have lived outside civilization for 80 years: It’s an amazing story

Interessante Gerüchte

The people we’ll be discussing with you today have never used a blender, never seen a television, and hardly even know what a microwave is. These people live independently of the rest of the world despite technological advancements and the growth of civilization.

Climbers discovered a small, lonely house when they reached the peak of the mountain. They discovered that someone resided there when they went inside.

They were initially bewildered and even terrified by unexpected visitors because they lived at home.

But once they realized that the climbers had no intention of harming them, they interacted with them amicably and even became friends.

This house has been in existence for more than a century, and the same family has owned it the entire time.

Eighty years have passed since the last member of her family left her. Some kids departed on their own accord and now reside in the town, but the majority of the kids still reside here.

It takes around a day to walk to the closest village. They occasionally travel like this to trade wool for meat, then meat for clothing and shoes.

These individuals consume natural foods because they have a farm with a cow, sheep, and chickens.

None of the neighborhood’s residents are familiar with television or the Internet.

They have traded for a solar battery to heat their homes, which is all that remains of civilization to them.

The inhabitants of the mountains use snow in the winter and a nearby river for drinking water.

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