Mum and dad play a special tune for their toddler: they are wonderful parents for their child

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A child’s imagination and lifestyle are greatly influenced by music from an early age. Music has a powerful effect on children, and it can either calm them down or energize them.

Children who grow up listening to a variety of musical genres and frequently show an interest in them are those who live in families where music is a way of life.

Parents John Dowling and Anna Dowling, who play the banjo and the violin, respectively, brought up their child in a musical family.

John, who began violin playing like his wife, soon became interested in the banjo, which is thought to have a higher pitch and louder sound.

The evolution of country and bluegrass music has been significantly aided by the banjo, which also has historical significance in traditional African-American music.

The pair sings a range of songs, including tunes appropriate for young children for their young child.

Children can benefit from exposure to art and music because they are extremely receptive to both from birth. There is no doubt that the Dowling family’s passion for music has influenced their child’s imagination and musical taste.

Finally, music can have a significant influence on a child’s upbringing. Children whose parents foster a love of music in them can grow in creativity and improve their way of life.

The musical journey of the Dowling family is a great illustration of how music can unite families and improve lives.

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