Mum says her kids‘ skills improved after she gave them a screen detox

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Parents today are becoming more concerned about screen time as kids spend much of their leisure time using electronics.

Those who spent more than an hour a day in front of screens had poorer white matter development in their brains than those who spent less time, according to a recent study on kids aged 3 to 5.

The processing of speech and other cognitive processes takes place in the white matter region of the brain. This study emphasizes how excessive screen usage harms young children’s development.

Mother, author, and blogger Molly DeFrank did a lot of study on the matter and came to the conclusion that giving kids too much screen time is unhealthy.

In order to address this problem, she established a family rule limiting screen time to a maximum of one hour each day, as advised by medical professionals.

Her daughter’s reading ability greatly increased in just seven months, showing the effectiveness of the strategy.

The screen detox was warmly received by the kids, and DeFrank believes that it will inspire other parents to take similar measures to protect their kids‘ well-being.

Parents must limit screen time and promote brain-boosting alternatives like reading and playing. In conclusion, it is impossible to overlook the detrimental effects of excessive screen usage on early childhood development.

Parents must set limits on screen usage and promote brain-developmental alternatives like reading and playing. Parents may guarantee that their children enjoy a healthy and well-rounded childhood by acting now.

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