My son came home from school with marks all over his hand: I was horrified

Interessante Gerüchte

After learning that his kid Harry had drawn his own hands for a tragic reason, Matthew, a father from London, published a picture of Harry’s hands.

The father of three said that each line represented one of the two days‘ worth of bullying incidents.

He stated: „Just over a week has passed since my son started high school.

„He has noted on his hand how many times he has experienced verbal or physical bullying over the course of the last two days.

„21 in total. It’s terribly sad. Bullies need to be punished more severely in schools, and their parents should be penalized.

„The loving father said in a subsequent post that he posted the image because it was „powerful.“ Added him:

„In two days of school, he wanted to demonstrate to us how frequently it occurs.

„You just have no idea what occurs, and you expect your children to be safe at school.

„I’m confident everything will work itself out.“ In less than 24 hours, the post has received more than 400 reactions.

Some viewers of the post expressed their sympathy, while others offered some guidance.

After reading the post, a teacher acknowledged that bullying was far more widespread than people realized.

„More often than not, your HOD or safeguarding leads know, but they’re afraid of the offenders themselves,“ she said.

„More must be done immediately! My blood starts to boil. My sincere hopes are with your son.“

Matthew has been contacted by The Sun for comment

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