The incredible husky named Tally has grown up with cats and now behaves like a cat and is so cute


Our unique and interesting story about Tally, a mixed breed dog.

Tailly attracts everyone with its unique behaviour.

This cutie used to live with an owner having numerous cats before going to live to another owner.

You can find out more information about him visiting that Instagram account Reddit Dong_of_Justice.

The last owner had lots of cats and this cutie by living beside them got used to their behaviour.

Now being a grown up husky he still acts like a cat.

The dog is so happy when the owner lets him sit like a cat in the box.

The dog’s behaviour is one of the cats and that’s so amazing and funny!

It’s so funny and incredible to see him putting her arms and legs bent under herself just like cats do!

What’s the most interesting is that she also is fond of sunbathing like a cat.

It’s so interesting to know that dogs‘ behaviour may change depending on who they respect!

This sweet husky named Tailly is most probably the sweetest dog in the whole world!

She is so funny, interesting and playful.

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Tailly is a unique dog as she thinks and behaves just like the cats she lived with.

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