The sweet and cute dog named Trumpet has become the first bloodhound to win best in show at Westminster


We should admit that all the dog types are unique on their own way. The animal’s world never stops amazing us.

The developed sense of smell in dogs has helped to find many missing people and even save lives.

Our story is about a dog named Trumpet who won for the first time a prize in “Best in Show“ Westminster Dog Show.

This famous show is one of the longest-running sporting events in the US.

Trumpet the bloodhound received his prize Best in Show.

Hi handler was also excited to know about that surprising news. We also noted that bloodhound is a bit of an underdog.

The dog had to compete with lots of dogs of different breeds.

All the dog breeds were in 7 groups.

This cute named Trumpet on his way to get the prize competed with dogs like Hollywood the Maltese, Belle the English Setter and Winston the French Bulldog.

For the first time in life the bloodhound has become the star!

The terriers were also good at the competition with the Fox Terrier winning 15 times while the Scottish Terrier behind with 8 winnings.

Congratulations to the most wonderful dog in the world Trumpet for being the best and the first in the whole history of its breed!

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