This young man found 135 thousand dollars in cash near the ATM: what he did shocked everyone

Interessante Gerüchte

This story took place in May 2020 in the city of Albuquerque in the US state of New Mexico. José Nunez Romanis, 19 years old, went to an ATM to withdraw some money.

Next to the ATM, he saw a transparent bag with banknotes.

The young man called the phone number listed on the ATM, and then the police. According to José, in those moments he thought about his parents, or rather about his mother.

“I thought that if I brought the money home, my mother would not like it,” – the man shares.

It was later revealed that the package contained approximately $135,000. The employee who fills the ATM with banknotes forgot the package.

José received a $500 reward from two city companies. He was also presented with a football ticket and a soccer ball autographed by Brian Urlacher.

José is studying criminal law at Central Community College in New Mexico. The proceeds received will be used to pay for tuition.

The police chief gave José and his family a tour of the crime lab at the police headquarters. He promised to take José to work in the public security service after graduation.

All José’s relatives are glad that he did the right thing.

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