Nicole Kidman is one of the most popular and successful star: she knows how to amaze everyone

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Everyone is in awe of Nicole Kidman. As a result, the actress posted a video of herself and the actor Luke Evans singing the song „Say Something“ on her social media accounts.

A gifted individual is talented in everything, as the saying goes. The actress replied, „Thank you sweetie for asking me to be a part of this duet.

The fans of Nicole were happy. Nicole, I love your voice; you should sing more often; it’s truly amazing, Nick.

Fans cheered for the Hollywood actress, saying, „That’s amazing.“ By the way, we were all envious of the actress’s flawless stomach in a recent snapshot she published.

What else do we need to know about the star, do you think? One of the most well-known and prosperous Hollywood stars is Nicole Kidman.

She frequently appears in movies and television series, and she seems to always have job offers.

However, the actress acknowledged that she had to deal with ageism. Kidman said that her age was the sole reason why she was denied the part.

In the profession, there is a perception that female actors‘ careers finish around the age of 40. You have passed away, is the sentence.

The actress claimed that on occasion, she had her requests turned down and was directed outside.

Even though the status of the industry is changing, Nicole continued, actresses still need to be very strong to stand up for themselves and their jobs.

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