No One Wanted Deaf Shelter Dog But Then The Perfect Couple Walked In


One of the most selfless and important things we can do is to welcome a rescue dog into our lives. It provides a second shot at life for a pet while also expanding the family in a unique way.

However, when Mark and Sean wanted to adopt a dog, they decided to go the extra mile and adopt a dog with special needs. They were looking for a deaf rescue dog in particular!

Mark had previously owned three deaf dogs and was considering getting another, but this time he wanted to share the experience with his partner, Sean.

As a result, they began contacting animal shelters to discover what dogs were in need of a new home. When they got a response from the Family Dog SF, they were ecstatic.

Mark revealed to GeoBeats Animals that the shelter told them they had two deaf dogs available, one of whom, Blu, received very few visitors.

Blue had been a long-term resident of the shelter, and no one seemed interested in adopting her.

After realizing that Blu had been there for such a long time with such little notice, Mark and Sean were naturally drawn to her. They were immediately sold after meeting her! Mark remarked, „She was just so vivacious and full of life.“

When her family moved into an apartment building that didn’t accept pit bulls, Blu was abandoned by her family. The poor puppy was terrified of being abandoned once more, but it wasn’t long before she realized her new owners wouldn’t desert her.

Blu has been at home with Mark and Sean for nearly four years and is currently experiencing her finest life! She doesn’t allow her hearing loss hold her back in any way.

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