Nobody believed it but the woman gave birth to a baby at 60

Despite the fears of doctors, a healthy girl was born, who received the name, Cleopatra.

She became a real joy for her parents and her grandfather on her father’s side.

She is now 4 years old, and her interests are different: from her passion for chess to ice


Salina had a son who died in tragic circumstances. It was difficult for the mother to cope

with the loss.

When she met her husband, who is several years younger than her, she wanted to be a

mother again. Husband Alexei supported his beloved wife and handled the issue quite wisely. The couple made the decision to try their luck after learning the physicians‘ recommendations.

The potential issues with the mother and the child have been forewarned them.

The truth is that an elderly woman’s body might not be capable of handling such a demanding endeavor as pregnancy.

Since the body is no longer young, issues are more likely. For a young child, it’s also dangerous.

Both at birth and later in its development, there is a risk.

Salina and Alex, however, have already made a choice.A healthy daughter was delivered after 9 months and afterward showed no signs of developmental issues.

This young queen conducts herself properly. The girl is wise above her years, as her mother and others have seen.

She occasionally gives the impression of thinking maturely. His interests serve as proof of this.

Since she is already learning English, Cleopatra occasionally converses with visitors in their own tongue.

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