Odessa quintuplets have become real Instagram stars: they are so wonderful

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This summer, a real miracle happened at the regional perinatal center in Odessa: Oksana Kobeletskaya, 37, who was expecting two little ones, became the mother of five little ones!

The babies were born by cesarean section two and a half months earlier than expected.

However, all the little ones were healthy!

Two months and six days later, the little ones and their mother came out of the maternity ward, where their father and their older sister Alice, aged 3, were waiting for them.

Photographers could not ignore such an event: in the Odessa photo studio, there was a shoot of the little ones.

“Denis, Vlad, David, Sashenka and Dasha pleasantly surprised us, because, during their 2 months.

It was even easier to work with them than expected – the little ones slept sweetly, and we created a wonderful love story and friendship for them and their parents.

I’m sure started in their mother’s womb,” photographer Yulia Guseva shared her emotions on Instagram.

The photos of „quintuplets“ hit the network: users were delighted with the pretty photos of the little ones.

However, many mothers couldn’t help but note that they can’t imagine what „happiness“ it really is to care for five little ones every day.

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