Officer finds stray kitten under his car, decides to adopt her as his ‘purrfect partner’



According to certain studies, one out of every five pet lovers became cat owners by ‚chance.‘ But, given that it is a cat that picks its human parents, this isn’t surprising.

A police officer from Kentucky’s Louisville Metro Police Department had such an adorable ‚accident‘ lately.

Officer McDermott has always loved animals, as seen by „his two cats, two dogs, two snakes, and a Bearded dragon.“

But, for the past week and a half, the good officer’s furry family has grown by one, as he has acquired the nicest ‚partner.‘

Since he’s been an officer, the cop was on patrol when he had to solve the cutest rescue job he’s ever seen. He had just discovered a scared little kitten hiding behind his car and tried to assist it.

But little did he realise, the adorable little creature would become his devoted companion.

Officer McDermott used some delicious-smelling cheese to entice the puzzled kitty out of the car, and it worked.

The cop, however, fell in love with the poor cat as soon as he snatched the tiny fluffy balls into his arm.

Officer McDermott’s purrfect partner, the stray cat, is now the first animal officer at the Louisville Metro Police Department.

The Louisville Metro Police Department posted on Facebook, „Officer McDermott apprehended a cat burglar!“ „Honestly, this is pawsitively the purrrfect police partner!“

Officer McDermott had to coax this kitty to come out from behind his car with Cheese Its! This lost feline now goes by the name Banshee and lives with Officer McDermott in a fairy tale ending!“

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