On the wedding day the groom made a special surprise to the bride who works with children

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The bride, who works with children, received a unique gift from the groom on their wedding day.

Speech therapist Cynthia Bonfante Pereira is a Brazilian. The youngsters he treats have Down syndrome.

Toddlers‘ language and communication skills are enhanced by it.

It’s really not an easy job for Cynthia. The girl, though, adores kids. She also enjoys rushing off to work to pick up her children.

Pereira recently underwent a significant life change: he got married. A wedding is a great occasion to spend time with the people you care about.

The newlyweds sent a wide invitation list to the party. There were family members, friends, and coworkers.

Cynthia’s lover José Vitor Flach concluded that something was lacking in their union. Then he shocked his sweetheart.

Flack covertly called the parents of the kids Pereira works with while the bride was away. They were also invited to the wedding by him.

As the bride and groom approached, the students began to make their way down the aisle.

To wish their speech therapist a happy holiday, four cheerful girls and three cheerful boys showed up.

The boys donned dapper bow ties, while the girls wore lovely white dresses.

A little electric car driven by two young boys who were present captivated everyone there.

Cynthia sobbed after failing to control her tears. Jose found it difficult to control his emotions. The bride and groom received their wedding bands from the oldest child.

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