On the wedding day, the man gave a special surprise to her bride: the wonderful couple

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Speech therapist Cynthia Bonfante Pereira is from Brazil. The children she treats have Down syndrome.

She aids kids in developing their communication and language skills.

Cynthia has a challenging job. But the girl absolutely adores children.

And she always looks forward to going to work, so she can see her kids.

Pereira recently underwent a great event: she got married. A wedding is a wonderful occasion to reunite with the ones you cherish.

The couple sent a wide invitation to the gathering. There were family members, friends, and coworkers.

Cynthia’s lover José Vitor Flach believed that someone was absent from their wedding. Then he gave his bride a surprise.

Flack called the parents of the children with whom Pereira works undercover for the bride. They were also invited to the wedding by him.

The doors behind Cynthia and Jose unexpectedly opened while they were already standing outside the church.

In the direction of the bride and groom, a group of Pereira’s patients started to go down the corridor.

To congratulate their speech therapist on the achievement, four cheerful girls and three boys showed up.

The boys donned dapper bow ties, while the girls wore lovely white dresses.

Everyone was particularly in awe of two little boys operating a tiny electric automobile.

Cynthia broke down in tears and couldn’t control them.

Jose struggled to maintain self-control. The oldest child presented the bride and groom with their wedding bands.

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