The kind hearted man in order to show his love has built a huge dog house in the backyard for his dog


You live like a king when you have an owner who is a construction contractor!

When you are thinking about a dog house, the first thing that comes to your mind may be an arched hole for a door or window and a simple roof.

Meet Maya who is a border collie and has a wonderful owner.

David Connolly has a small business and he makes fences and decks for private homes.

They are mainly specialized in making planters, carports sheds for outdoor spaces.

Being skilled to make nearly everything the man decided to prepare a special gift for his sweet dog.

Mainly dog houses do not look this wonderful at all!

Connolly has noticed that his dog loves staying in the sun and very often he may take the dog to work.

Maya likes spending time with his owner. However, there are days when Maya wishes to stay at home.

On that time he mainly spends time on the backyard.

In order to make that space more comfortable and spacious he decided to make a real huge dog cabin for him.

Just have a look at the beautiful small fenced space around the dog cabin.

The space has a small heater that will keep her warm in winter.

What’s the most interesting is that even though the man made the most luxurious dog apartment, still Maya’s favorite spot is still inside their home.

It’s so cute to see how much love and gratitude there is in Maya towards its owner.

She has the best dog house every dog would dream of!

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