An interesting encounter: otter tries to escape becoming a victim of the killer whale by seeking safety in the man’s boat

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A 37-year-old man named Donellas was witnessing a very unusual sight.

He saw a killer whale trying to approach its prey. He was in Alaska and worked for a company where they often organized boat tours.

During one of them, he noticed something floating to their direction.

He actually took the necessary steps to save the otter.

He immediately noticed the whale’s dorsal fin approaching and at the same moment the otter who was trying to run from fear of not being a victim !

A few minutes later the otter emerges from the water and swims towards the boat.

When the otter stays in the boat safely the killer whale does circles around its prey.

Their meeting lasts for some minutes and eventually the killer whale decided to leave.

The otter on its turn dived back into the water and moved away.


We’re so happy to announce that nobody actually suffered from this incident!

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