Panda cub throws a tantrum when caretakers try to take away his new favorite toy

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This adorable panda refuses to give up his new favorite toy, which warms our hearts!

This is the lovely moment a baby panda receives a large bouncing ball and falls in love with it right away. He won’t let go of his new toy since he enjoys it so much.

Even when the delighted caregivers try to take it away from him, despite the fact that the ball appears to be a little too big for the tiny cub.

The entire scene was captured on camera, and you’ll fall in love with it just as much as this adorable panda did with his new toy!

When Xiao Liwu, the newest member of the San Diego Zoo’s large panda family, was a few months old, he had to pass the 18th exam, a coordination test. To evaluate the tiny panda’s talents, the caregivers utilized a plastic ball and a bamboo stick.

Instead of persuading them that he’s in terrific shape, the small Liwu made everyone giggle by refusing to let go of his new toys.

„He was really loving hugging it, rolling on it, and doing the types of rolly, tumble things that panda cubs are famous for,“ Beth Bicknese, the zoo’s veterinarian, said.

Although it was difficult for the dedicated caregivers to take Liwu’s toy away, he demonstrated that he has the skills to pass the exam.

When he realized playing was done, though, he continued to act like a child. He even threw a cute tantrum at the end to remind everyone that he is in charge. However, he failed to impress anyone!

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