You may not believe but panda daycare exists and that’s considered to be the most wonderful place on earth

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When we speak about pandas it’s impossible not to think about their sweet nature and cute need to hug !

We all would agree on the idea that they are the most cuddle some animals on earth!

They simply squeeze each other so tight to their heart as if someone was going to steal from them.

The good news is that at the Chengdu Research Base in China these wonderful animals are a part of a special program that involves daycare!

Pandas are known as endangered animals as it’s very hard to make them breed.

According to the statistics female pandas are able to breed only two or three days a year !

Another interesting fact about them is that they are able to give birth only to one cub every two years!

This unique facility’s aim is to save the cute and sweet pandas from dying.

Pandas are thought to be extinct and on the edge of extinction and we all need to extra take care of them.

The population of these wonderful animals has been reduced fast in recent years.

Thanks to the kind-hearted people in the centers like this maintaining and protecting these cute animals is not impossible!

Due to their efforts the number of this cuddly bears is rising.

The good news is that the IUCN has evaluated pandas as vulnerable animals instead of their status “extinct!“.

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