Paralyzed Golden Retriever dog finds hope and freedom with her personalized cart


Quadriplegic after a serious fall when she was just a little puppy, Olivia can now run and play with her peers thanks to the personalized trolley offered by her new family.

„I was shocked by the lack of empathy and love from her former family,“ Mariana Camargo de Oliveira, owner of Olivia, told Metro. I felt it was already meant for me. »

The former masters of Olivia, a female Golden Retriever now 4 years old, had indeed decided to separate from her after a serious accident that left her paralyzed in all 4 limbs.

It was March 2018 and the dog was only 3 months old at the time. She suffered a fall and had her spine fractured.

She has since lived in Sorocaba in the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil) with her 36-year-old mistress and her husband, Eduardo Palota.

After her adoption by the couple, Olivia had undergone 7 long months of care, including physiotherapy sessions to strengthen her legs.

“She can run again and feel the wind on her face”

Soon, Mariana and Eduardo had bought her a personalized pink cart. The dog gradually learned to use it, relying on the 4 wheels of the device to move around.

„When I adopted her, she couldn’t move. She didn’t even have the strength to drag herself. The cart gave Olivia hope and freedom. Today, she can run again and feel the wind on her face,” rejoices her owner.

The Golden Retriever is thus never left behind by the other dogs of the family, Sid, Sun and Jade, during races and games.

Although she often has to be carried and cannot go without diapers, she is happier than ever with this loving family. “She is always beautiful and elegant! concludes Mariana.

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