Parents figured out how to distinguish between identical triplets: they are so much the same

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The identification of the triplets was a challenge for the parents. But they rapidly found a fantastic solution, employing a rather straightforward technique.

The same query is posed to the parents of identical twins or triplets every time: „How do you tell them apart?“ Karen and Ian Gilbert, the parents, however, discovered a rather easy solution.

They bought some gloss varnishes and painted their nails with them.

The colors were carefully chosen by the couple: Paige chose purple, Maddison mint green, and Fiona pink varnish.

The mother of the triplets, Karen, 33, said, „It’s not a fad. „We tried our hardest to distinguish them, and we eventually discovered this technique.

With the color labeling, we can easily distinguish which of the girls have had diaper changes, feedings, or baths. This has made our lives so much easier.

The initial letter of the child’s name and the first letter of the color are both present in the varnish we chose. It is actually incredibly useful!

The parents of identical triplets hope that as the girls mature, they will develop different ideas and tastes in addition to having different nail polish colors.

Children are the most important people in our life. Take care of them and let them be happy in their childhood.

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