Parents‘ unconditional love can do anything: even bring a newborn back to life

Although Kate and David Ogg treasure their union, they weren’t entirely content until they had children.

About three years after they were married, Kate’s doctor finally broke the happy news that she would be having twins after a protracted struggle to conceive.

Kate says that a doctor asked her and her husband if they had chosen a name for their boy, yet after Kate gave birth.

They responded by saying they gave the boy the name Jamie. The doctor then bowed his head and said, „I’m sorry gentlemen, but we lost Jamie,“ with sadness in his eyes. David gently sat up in bed after hearing this.

Kate requested permission to say farewell to her son by holding him. The youngster was freezing. In order to warm Jamie with her warmth, the woman requested her husband to lie down next to him.

She placed the infant on her chest and started talking to him, telling him how much she and his father were looking forward to meeting him and how great his sister was.

To everyone’s surprise, Jamie suddenly took a deep breath in, let it out, and then took another, opened his eyes, and grasped David’s finger in his little hand, which was hardly bigger than a fingernail.

Jamie has survived!

Two years later, the family experienced a resurgence when one of the twins gave birth to a brother.

Jamie, on the other hand, develops into a contented, healthy youngster who never stops trying to please his parents.

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