Parents were forced to leave this daughter after the birth: they had a hope to meet her

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Only recently has the tale of Jingzhi, a young Chinese girl, come to light. Even though her parents abandoned her just five days after she was born, she eventually ran into them as an adult.

Due to the overcrowding in China at the time, the girl’s parents, Xu and Qian, were compelled to give up their second daughter.

In this case, after giving birth covertly, the parents left Jingzhi in the market and left a note next to them thanking the future teachers and explaining the circumstances that led them to commit such an act.

The girl was consequently given to an orphanage, and a year later an American family visited the orphanage to adopt her.

After 20 years, it was discovered that the biological parents had also included the date and location of when they would give birth to their daughter in ten or twenty years in the note.

The new parents first kept this note from Jingzhi, who was given the name Cathy, until she herself became curious about its history.

The American family quickly made the decision to let their infant daughter make the final decision.

The girl’s encounter with her biological parents was made possible with the assistance of documentary filmmaker Chang.

Katie and her biological parents were unable to contain their feelings during the reunion.

Now, our heroine keeps in touch with adoptive parents and new parents.

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