People notice something strange about this married couple’s photo: It is amazing

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People Notice Something Strange About This Married Couple’s Photo

It is not uncommon for a married couple to publish their photos on the Internet.

However, this photo of a special couple is traveling the world for a very special reason.

If you scroll down and see the bottom half of the photo, you’ll understand why.

This photo does not show a husband and wife, but a wife and her husband.

The photo above shows Kelly and Jesse Cottle, who recently posed for the camera for a family photoshoot.

Jesse, the husband, joined the Marine Corps in 2003, and 6 years later was deployed to Afghanistan to dismantle improvised explosive devices.

Suddenly, an incident occurred, as a result of which Jesse became disabled.

„I haven’t slept all the time. It was hard, but I always thought right now it was really hard, but it’s going to be okay, and I had my family, I had good friends, and most of all my faith helped me to get through this,” Jessie said.

In fact, Jesse wouldn’t have met his wife, Kelly, if he hadn’t competed in a swim meet when he got home.

„I just remember how interested he was,“ Kelly said. They immediately fell in love and got married.

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