Phenomenal man: an Indian embroiders pictures on a sewing machine and they are magnificent

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Arun Kumar Bajaj, an Indian, is a master in creating stitched artworks.

They are sewn together using a standard sewing machine, but the degree of detail is so high that up close, they resemble hyperrealistic paintings.

Since he was young, Arun Kumar has had a talent for drawing and has always wanted to be a well-known artist.

But just as he turned 15, his father passed away unexpectedly, shattering all of his plans.

The boy was forced to leave school in order to help with the family business.

Like his father, Arun Kumar began his career as a tailor before his imagination took over.

He started using a needle and thread and a sewing machine to create true works of art rather than brushes and paints.

Arun Kumar was the first person to embroider with this level of detail using a regular sewing machine, despite the fact that many nations have a long tradition of producing tapestries and paintings with embroidery.

The 35-year-old performer told Indian media that she had been tapping for 23 years, starting when she was 12 years old.

A stunning embroidered canvas with a picture of Krishna was one of Needle Man’s most striking creations.

This 183 by 122 cm sculpture required the artist 3 years and almost, 2840 kilometers of wire to complete.

An embroidered artwork from the court of Punjab Maharajah Ranjit Singh, which features almost 2000 human figures, is another of his creations.

The artist worked on it for almost a year

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