Pizza delivery driver jumps into action as he spots smoke and his courage saved 5 children

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On July 11, at around midnight, Nick Bostic was traveling through LaFayette, Indiana. He had no idea that God was leading him to five children’s lives.

Nick noticed a burning house. He went through the back door and shouted to anyone inside after noticing there was no emergency assistance outside the house.

Four of the five children in the house were awakened by his yells.

The youngsters informed Nick that one child stayed inside after they had left.

In an effort to find the missing 6-year-old daughter, Nick raced back into the raging fire.

He started seeking a way out when he couldn’t find her in the bedroom upstairs.

The child’s cries could then be heard coming from the first floor.

Nick went back downstairs for her while covering his lips and nose with his shirt.

Nick, who was now safely holding the young child, walked upstairs once more but was unable to locate his previous exit, so he ended up busting and jumping from a second-story window!

Nick completed all of this in a matter of minutes without giving any attention to his personal security.

That’s really amazing!

Nick expressed his gratitude and blessing to have been there at the correct place and time and to have had the chance to save the five kids in a statement to TMZ.

Nick, who is still a young man, showed unwavering love and compassion when he intervened, took action, and put himself in danger to save five adorable children!

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