An effective initiative: the pizzeria decides to place photos of shelter dogs on pizza boxes which increases adoption


Today’s unique story will make your day. If you are an animal owner you most probably know how difficult it is for animals to wait at shelters until they will be adopted.

A pizzeria in New York made a cool plan to get the dogs adopted from shelters.

Mary Alloy, the owner of a pizzeria invented an effective plan to support animals.

The idea turned out to be a successful one as it attracted a lot of people’s attention.

A lot of people wished to adopt these cuties and bring them home when they saw those beautiful pictures of dogs on the boxes of pizzas.

It arose the interest in customers to adopt dogs from shelters.

Many people wanted to adopt them and take care of them !

The shelter dogs‘ pictures became so famous that it attracted many people’s hearts and arose interest in adopting dogs.

As a bonus the pizzeria also provides 50 dollars gift those who decides to adopt animals.

This sweet 5-year-old puppy named ‚Hooch“ is depicted in the boxes of pizza and is so sweet!

“ From the moment the story became famous, it arose a tremendous interest in people and the community.

A lot of people wanted to adopt animals due to this initiative.

Some people just bought the pizza to see the dogs‘ pictures on the boxes.

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