Playful baby elephant interrupts reporter tickle him: Elephants are the lovely animals

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Nearly 90% of African elephants vanished during the previous century, according to the WWF. Sadly, this is a result of the extensive ivory trade.

Due to this, there are currently just about 415,000 wild elephants. Unfortunately, our unhealthy atmosphere is another danger to these lovely creatures.

This is the reason that an increasing number of people are working to spread awareness about protecting not only the environment but also the lives of our priceless animals.

Kenyan journalist Alvin Kaunda has gained popularity for the sweetest clip.

If you’re wondering why they are known as „red elephants,“ it’s because they take baths in the soil, which gives them a crimson tint.

Kaunda explains how the state of our ecosystem affects our animals by depriving them of a place to call home.

This young elephant decides to challenge Kaunda to a game.

A tiny elephant trunk taps him on the shoulder while he is giving the report, and he then reaches out to stroke Kaunda’s ears.

A journalist wearing a smile.

As a trained journalist, Kaunda continued to discuss the preservation and protection of the environment and wildlife, but just then, the tiny trunk reached the nose and mouth.

Did you know that an elephant’s trunk contains over 150,000 muscle cells?

The infant elephant was incredibly intelligent and also very lively.

Other than that, he didn’t perceive the kind reporter as a threat or source of fear.

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