Playful dog hides from her parents to stay outside longer:it is sort of a game


Even though we all assume it’s us who they love the most, there are only two things dogs appreciate in life: getting treats and running around outside all day.

However, due to our hectic schedules, we are unable to take our pets for as many walks as they would want. Even if we did, these little adventurers will never be satisfied.

So, as smart as they are, dogs usually come up with some ingenious ways to avoid returning to the house.

Dogs usually find ways to stay outside a bit longer, whether they’re lying on the ground refusing to leave the park or simply running away from their owners.

Tasha, a cute puppy, is like the rest of her type, therefore she devised a brilliant way to make the outside visits last as long as possible.

Her plot was interrupted by her father, who even filmed her goofy behavior, resulting in a genuinely amusing (and extremely cute) video.

Tasha concluded that the best way to extend her outings outside was to hide from her parents when they called her name and took her into the house.

And what better hiding location than a flower pot? It’s impossible to deceive her owners with just these pointed ears. But, hey, she’s giving it her all, right?!

Tasha’s father, Kelly Davenport Jackson of Rossford, Ohio, loves to play hide and seek rather than provide a straight answer when he shouts her name.

The father can be heard calling his dog in a lovely video, but she is nowhere to be seen (apparently). However, as soon as he shuts the front door, Tasha emerges from behind the flower pot, much to the delight of her parents, who can’t help but chuckle.

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