Police officer Spots elderly woman walking on the side of the road and immediately arrive

Interessante Gerüchte

According to the policeman, „she said to me, she was heading to her appointment of hair to have permission at the Paul Mitchel’s Studio.“ After that, she turned around and walked with policeman Hoffmeister. The policeman helped her into

the automobile after he unlocks the door. She would have had to travel a mile on foot, he says.

She must take a seat in the back, the officer advises. Laughing, the aging woman replies as she continues to walk, „I’ve never had my hands restrained.

Every situation is new.“

The policeman reveals how much of an impression this woman had on him. She made him think of his own deceased grandma, which is why he did.

She answered with humor and continued that she recalls their mother or grandma when the policeman said that the woman looks like his grandma.

Hoffmeister gives her his phone number so she can call him whenever she needs a ride.

This is an illustration of a genuine community that values the elderly. God teaches us to respect our elders.

This cop performs that duty admirably.

On her birthday, she was standing on the other side of the street and asking for a ride, so passersby intervened.

You must respect the elderly men and stand up in front of the gray hair head, and you must be afraid of your God for I am the Lord.

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